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Unique pictures Oil Acrylic Watercolor Paintings, Charcoal Pastel Pencil Drawings. All image, painting and drawing are the property of Susan Doszkocs.

Original images acrylic oil paintings pastel pencil drawings unique pictures. Pictures unique gallery oil acrylic paintings, charcoal pastel pencil drawings. All original paintings and drawings in the images gallery are from Susan Doszkocs. The paintings and drawings were made by Susan Doszkocs. Online gallerys colorful paintings beautiful drawings. Original pictures, unique paintings and pencil drawings, theme groups of the amateur painter. If you can choose the unique images you can see all your original data ( the image title technology material size and year of completion ). You may choose from the Lists of the fine artwork here. The Basis list of his Topic and his Technique (Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Pastel, Charcoal Drawing and Drawing). The topic in the images are in alphabetical order. Within a topic, the newest image is at the top, the oldest at the bottom.

Unique pictures oil acrylic watercolour paintings charcoal pastel pencil drawings All image of Susan Doszkocs.

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Pictures unique gallery oil acrylic paintings, charcoal pastel pencil drawings All original paintings and drawings in the image gallery are from Susan Doszkocs,

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theme, groups, amateur, artists, illustrations, tales, people, animals, szentendre, trees, signs, museums, autumnal, lights, see, your, data,
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