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Painter art short films online artist videos from the best paintings drawings and pictures Doszkocs YouTube short movies images alternate until music expires

Susan Doszkocs with paralyzed respirator. Kreative affection paintings artistic drawings happy creations. Drawings paintings online gallery modern, painter on respirator. Painter of best pictures paintings drawings are online videos accompanied by music. YouTube short movies is a theme and images they change until the song has expired. The Online videos YouTube short movies are the best pictures of the painter that show with music in the works of art:citycapes, Szentendre, landcapes, flowers, peoples, animals, Rusyn churches, fairy tale illustrations. Each videos is a theme and paintings and drawings contained there in are replaced each other until the song has expired.
YouTube visual short films are online videos, reflecting the painter Zsuzsa Doszkocs' taste. The first videos were made in 2008, more than 10 years after the first drawings were made..

Painter art short films online artist videos YouTube movies.

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Short films: Paintings Drawings by Susan Doszkocs
Susan Doszkocs' pictures
Susan Doszkocs
Red and Black
Red and
Szentendre Museums Artists
2019. Szentendre

Eternal friendships

Rambling places
Rambling places

You must be the change you wish to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi)

Painting themed exhibitions
2018. Szentendre
2017. Szentendre
Eternal friendships
2016. Szentendre
2015. Szentendre
Rambling places
2014. Szentendre
Susan Doszkocs exhibition
2006. Mélykút
Susan Doszkocs exhibition
Whatever you are, be a good one (Abraham Lincoln)

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