I create Drawing and Painting in Gallery and living respirator


Pictures - Paintings and Drawings to list of topics

Barcsay - Oil painting Danubecorso - Szentendre, Oil painting Szentendre Christmas lights - Szentendre, Oil painting Main square with Geranium - Szentendre, Oil painting
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Museums, ArtistsGalanty showLightsChristmas 2017Eternal friendships 2017Trees of Life 2016Autumnal 2016Rambling places 2015Szentendre Oil paintingSzentendre Acrylic paintingSzentendre Pastel drawingMélykútCities Oil paintingCitiesChurchesRusyn ChurchesLandscapes Oil paintingLandscapesFlowers Oil paintingFlowers Acrylic paintingFlowers PaintingFlowers DrawingPeople Oil paintingPeople Acrylic paintingPeople Charcoal drawingPeople DrawingNudesHandsAnimals PaintingAnimals Charcoal drawingAnimals Pastel drawingIllustrations NewIllustrations to tales 3Illustrations to tales 2Illustrations to tales 1Illustrations ReményikSayingsZodiac signsOther
I'm glad that you have visited the website,
thus I can share with you the feelings of mine through images.
Fifteen years ago due to the progression of my medical condition
I was not able to walk I could only use my hands. So that I had to give up my job and I started to paint self-educatedly. Since then creating is the activity that helps me to raise above the everyday challenges and makes me happy. This is the sense and goal of my life.
Sometimes my life seems to be with no outlook so
I consciously demonstrate the contrary. By this the joyful colors and calm serenity of my images reflect on me. My destiny proved that my life is meaningful even with such a disease, moreover the disease might have been the reason why I started to draw and paint...
My loving family helped me through all the sufferings of my life
with their endless patience and always positive attitude, which is reflected in my colourful and diverse techniques (charcoal, pastel, oil and acryl) so that I am grateful for them that I did not lose my faith to keep on....
The disable paintress has created for more than ten years
and live with the help of a respiratory machine. She was honoured with several awards for instance by her birthcity as well. This physically handicapped painter realistic Images a gallery of his.

I create Drawing and Painting in Gallery and living respirator.
I create Drawing and You select an fine artwork and click on it the image appears larger in size and all with data (the image title technology material size and year of completion).
Pictures - Paintings and Drawings to list of topics:Museums, Artists, Galanty show, Christmas, Eternal friendships, Trees of Life Autumnal, Lights, Rambling places, Cities, Churches, Landscapes, Flowers, People, Animals, Illustrations, Sayings, Zodiac signs.

The Images to list of topics:

Museums, Artists
Galanty show
Christmas 2017
Eternal friendships 2017
Trees of Life 2016
Autumnal 2016
Rambling places 2015
Szentendre Oil painting.
Szentendre Acrylic painting.
Szentendre Pastel drawing.
Cities Oil painting.
Rusyn Churches
Landscapes Oil painting.
Flowers Oil Painting.
Flowers Acrylic painting.
Flowers Painting.
Flowers Drawing.
People Oil painting.
People Acrylic painting.
People Charcoals.
People Drawing.
Animals Painting.
Animals Charcoals.
Animals Pastel drawing.
Illustrations New.
Illustrations to tales 3.
Illustrations to tales 2.
Illustrations to tales 1.
Illustrations Reményik.
Zodiac signs.

Pictures - Paintings and Drawings to list of topicsThe Basis list of his Topic and his Technique (Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Pastel, Charcoal Drawing and Drawing).
Select an fine artwork and the image appears larger in size and all with data



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Technique, Museums, Artists, Galanty show, Eternal friendships, Trees of Life, autumnal, Szentendre, Lights, Christmas, Rambling places, Mélykút, Rusyn Churches, Landscapes, Flowers, Peoples, Nudes, Hands, Animals, Sayings, Illustrations, tales, Reményik, Zodiac signs, Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Pastel drawing, Charcoal drawing, Acryl, Pastel, Charcoal, Painting, Drawing, Oil, colourful Images, awards, paintress, paint, realistic, life, started,