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Healing online gallery paintings artistic drawings decorative artworks Susan respiratory paralyzed painter soothing artwork bright color painting nice drawing

The website and the artworks of were created by Susan Doszkocs

The customer can order paintings from his own photos.
The bright color painting is done step by step, with great patience and even more love, as the hand of a bedridden, respiratory paralyzed painter only moves from the wrist. The Mediterranean colors of the artworks of art are reminiscent of the healing hilarious colors of the Frida bright color paintings, the love of colors is important to both of them, their similarly tragic sad fate can play a role in this. The cheerfulness of the colors almost offsets the darkness of their destiny ...

The bright color painting studio, which is also a hospital bed, where the healing artworks are made by hand. Bed-bound brought to the surface interesting deep colors and varied themes from the paralyzed painter, whose artworks of art are well crafted. His themes include summer landscapes, Mediterranean artworks, floral decorative still lifes, poppy paintings, painted floral artworks, modern floral artworks, nudes, seaside landscapes, portraits, nature paintings and sacred paintings. It has artworks of art in almost every subject you are looking for, so they can be placed in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and office.

The bright color paintings are soothing drawings and are pieces by Susan Doszkocs, a painter's paralyzed painter's gallery. The bright paintings and drawings of the artworks in the online painter healing gallery are available at good prices. Susan Doszkocs collected the artworks of art of the painful paralyzed painter in the gallery of healing paintings. The color paintings, drawings, artworks, free backgrounds are virtual postcards and the poems are part of the online gallery of the painful Susan Doszkocs. The color paintings are characterized by nice drawings and artworks of art at good prices, which is presented by the Susan Doszkocs pain-paralyzed painter healing online gallery.
  • Casual postcard For those who want love, you can send free virtual postcards for any occasion from the online artistic gallery of bright color paintings and nice drawings.
  • Christmas cards virtual free artistic winter landscapes soothing healing paintings nice drawings from the online gallery of artistic artworks.
  • Easter card Spring and religious bright color paintings and nice drawings of the respiratory painter healing soothing gallery artworks.
  • Love postcard Valentine's day and wedding love paintings soothing nice drawings, online healing art gallery love - love elements.
  • Birthday postcard about horoscopes and still lifes bright color paintings decorative artwork nice drawings soothing healing online gallery images.
  • Children's postcard For children Soothing bright color paintings for mothers with nice drawings with fairy tale figures and artworks depicting mothers.
  • Postcard from Szentendre Greetings from Szentendre! From Susan Doszkocs's healing online gallery, a selection of artworks depicting Szentendre from soothing healing paintings from nice drawings.
  • Postcard from Mélykút Greetings from Mélykút! nice painter respiratory paralyzed online gallery soothing bright color paintings on the themes of healing nice drawings here you can find artworks from Mélykút about the hometown.
  • Places postcard Greetings from the roads! The soothing healing artworks of nice drawings show the artistic places of Hungary and the land.
Pieces of artwork on mobile, tablet screen in online free background gallery.
You can download landscape artworks online from your free background gallery on your computer, PC or laptop monitor
  • Eternal friendships soothing healing artistic images from the soothing healing online gallery on this topic are: child, animal and love artistic images.
  • Tree of life about different areas of life, bright color paintings made by painter, a painful paralyzer, while living on a ventilator.
  • Autumn the soothing colors of autumn in the landscapes the color paintings of the healing love Susan Doszkocs painter presents the artist with respiratory paralyzed online.
  • Zegzugaim As part of Susan Doszkocs' respiratory paralyzed painter soothing healing online gallery, small street details and Mediterranean alleys with pets are depicted in nice bright color paintings.
  • Szentendre where the paralyzed painter spent most of his life. The life of the soothing healing paintings nice artistic drawings from the Susan Doszkocs painter decorative online gallery are well illustrated.
  • Mélykút the online love gallery nice healing soothing drawings and decorative pictures Susan Doszkocs painter became a respected contemporary painter and an honorary citizen of her hometown.
  • Cities painter with respiratory paralyzed. In the framework of the online soothing gallery of healing love, the creator of nice artworks makes artistic decorative bright paintings about the most important places in his life.
  • Churches painter with respiratory paralyzed, depicts the healing churches from the big cities of the world and Hungary in bright color paintings on nice drawings as one of the themes of the decorative gallery.
  • Ruthenian churches the online gallery of love nice drawings depicting Transcarpathian, Ruthenian Greek Catholic wooden churches.
  • Landscapes forests, fields, mountains, lakes and rivers, nature. The decorative artworks present the autumn-winter-spring-summer landscapes by bright color paintings with the help of the online nice gallery of Susan Doszkocs painter, a paralyzed respirator.
  • Flowers the nice drawings are decorative artworks depicting floral still lifes, bouquets, potted flowers, flowering trees and meadows. Feel the healing effect of Susan Doszkocs's paralyzed painter online healing paintings gallery soothing decorative artworks.
  • People portraits, nudes, religious, love and historical themed paralyzed nice artworks with soothing healing paintings and love drawings at good prices. Amateur bright color paintings decorative drawings online gallery, the artwork of painter Susan Doszkocs painter paralyzed.
  • Animals painter online gallery healing bright color paintings decorative artworks nice drawings. Feel the soothing effect of your breath-taking painter's favorite decorative artworks!
  • Illustrations newspapers, poems, short stories and books illustrate the artistic love online gallery of decorative artworks with healing soothing nice drawings.
  • Sayings the words, wisdom and sayings on the subject of nice love drawings, artistic soothing gallery creator Susan Doszkocs painter sick.

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Healing online gallery paintings artistic drawings decorative artworks Susan respiratory paralyzed painter soothing artwork bright color painting nice drawing. /
Healing online gallery color paintings nice drawings painter artworks
soothing artwork bright color painting nice drawingdecorative artworks Susan respiratory paralyzed painterHealing online gallery paintings artistic drawings
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Greetings from the respiratory paralyzed painter

Healing paintings online gallery paralyzed painter nice artworks drawings
thus I can share with you the feelings of mine through bright color paintings nice drawings and artworks. I was not able to walk I could only use my hands. So that I had to give up my job and I started to paint independently. Since then creating is the activity that helps me to raise above the everyday challenges and makes me happy. Sometimes my life seems to be with no outlook so I consciously demonstrate the contrary. By this the joyful colors and calm serenity of my images reflect on me. My destiny proved that life is meaningful even with such a disease, moreover the disease might have been the reason why I started to draw and paint...

nice drawings would be placed on the walls of living rooms as decorations artworks radiating love, my life was not in vain... free wallpapers
for your monitor
and postcards can be
sent for in 9 topics
or videos made from
my artistic artwork
as I was with the making of the pictures .... And maybe it’s because I’m still alive because I still have more and more plans at work ...
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with me
I have a predilection for painting that lends joyousness to a wall.

Presentation of the paintings

Work lovingly done is the secret of all order and all happiness.
Susan Doszkocs

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