with Award of Ministry, live in hospital on ventilatorfrom Szentendre of biography Honorary Citizen of MélykútSusan Doszkocs contemporary Hungarian painter

Biography of contemporary Hungarian painter Susan Doszkocs: Honorary Citizen of Mélykút live in hospital on ventilator

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Susan Doszkocs contemporary Hungarian painter from Szentendre of biography Honorary Citizen of Mélykút, with Award of Ministry, live in hospital on ventilator

Read the testimonies of a painter living in a hospital on ventilator! Programmer Honorary Citizen of Mélykút, Szentendre painter in hospital
Susan Doszkocs biography respiratory paralysis Szentendre painter The amateur painter' biography who received a many of awards for his art paintings and drawings. Computer programmer, who with a Respiratory machine keeps alive.
He became a painter received a number of awards (Ministry of Defense Level Award Honorary ...) The fills her days with art paintings drawings. Computer programmer, who with a Respiratory machine keeps alive.
  • Heimatort:
    • Mélykút,
  • Elementary school:
    • Szentendre, II.Rákóczi Ferenc Primary School,
  • High School:
    • Budapest, Hámán Kató Economic Secondary School,
  • College:
    • Budapest, SZÁMALK,
  • She has worked:
    • Szentendre, Institute of Water Resources - Computer Center,
  • Life:
    • Budapest, Respiratory Rehabilitation Institute of the Korányi Hospital,
    • Mélykút in city' Freeman title,
    • Ministry of Defense Level Award Honorary
    • Member of OKIT.

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Susan Doszkocs contemporary Hungarian painter from Szentendre of biography Honorary Citizen of Mélykút, with Award of Ministry, live in hospital on ventilator,

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Susan Doszkocs

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My life
Programmer painter of Szentendre honorary citizen in hospital This was the place where I truely experienced the atmosphere of being in a loving family. This period of my childhood taught me deligence and discipline. This city is well-known of it's cultural diversity and tolerance which helped us to assimilate. I was just a 9 years old girl when I was diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy. After finishing high school I found a job in the city and studied computer science until I could. Subsequently as the progression of my illness worsened I fell into coma on 19th August, 1998. Since then I have been being respirated... - The first 9 years spent in my hometown gave me the strengh,
- The 30 years in Szentendre, the city of arts gave me the inspiration,
- And the past years at the Institute gave me the opportunity to do what I always wanted, to fulfil my everyday life, to create. with their endless patience and always positive attitude. That is reflected in my colourful and diverse techniques (charcoal, pastel, oil and acryl) so that I am grateful to them for keeping my faith.... and living with the help of a respiratory machine. She was honoured with several awards for instance by her birthcity Mélykút. This physically handicapped painter realistic Images a gallery of his.
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated (Confucius)

Memberships, Recognition
I have already had quite a few exhibitions with fellow artists and more than fifty of my own. These events not only brought me success but I met plenty of new people and some of them became close friends. This is another factor that makes my life active, happy and balanced.
Many of life's failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up (Thomas Edison)

Artistic Award
Montage Magazine "Spring is back again" competition - Received praise, 2017Tata, Para Fine Art Exhibition - in memory of Szonja Szabó, Special Prize 2017Budapest, International -Water- exhibition and tender, silver diploma 2012Budapest, Rare Beauty Collection, 1st place 2012Budapest, International -Climate Change- exhibition and competition, bronze diploma 2011Sümeg Baroque autumn competition, 2nd place 2011Budapest, International -Bread- exhibition and competition, - gold diploma 2010Budapest, Rare Beauty Collection, 1st place 2010Szeged, -My Radnóti ...- exhibition and competition, 3rd place 2009War Department, Level Award 2007Mélykút city of "Honorary Citizen" title 2006
I have found that if you love life, life will love you back (Arthur Rubinstein)

Other Artistic diploma
Budapest, King Club Gallery Exhibition 2015Csepel, Exhibition 2013Szentendre, 12. Exhibitions 2011Budapest, It is forbidden to step on each other 2011Budapest, Rare Beauty Collection, - 2011Pécs, ArtPara Festival 2010Pécs, International fine art competition 2009Erzsébetliget, Fine art competition 2009Historica Hungarica 2008Caritas 2007
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