The Paintings and Drawings of disabled Painter

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The Paintings and Drawings of disabled Painter.
Fine artworks of the Painter's Gallery topics. From the Images of the selected Galleries the one over which he pulls the mouse enlarges the Pictures.

The Pictures to list:

Trees of Life:
from all walks of life.

Autumnal 2016:
Poppy field, The power of music, The Little Prince, Szentendre wines, During deer bellow, Forest stone bridge, Autumn twisted.

Rambling places 2015:
Longing, Colors, The gate keeper, Where is Mélykút, Round the circle on a street, Caesar in the arbour.

Szentendre Oil paintings:
Main Squere, Danubecorso and Turkish Lane. Alleys, streets, churches, buildings.

Szentendre Acrylic paintings:
Serbian Street, Constitution Street, Steamship Street, Gateway in Jeno Dumcsa Street, Main Squere.

Szentendre Pastel drawings:
House in Captive Ráby Street, Izbégi Church, Calvary Hill, Main Square, Serbian Bishop's Church, Greek Street, Castlehill with a Church Coat of Arms.

Churches, Town Hall, Post Office and Creative House Coat of Arms.

Cities Oil paintings:
Budapest, Sümeg, Swiss lake,

Budakalász, Veszprém, Árva County, Baba street.

the world's great cities and Hungary

Rusyn Churches:
Ukrainian Orthodox Churches and Temple of Transcarpathia.

Landscapes Oil paintings:
Winter, spring, summer and autumn seasons that the landscapes.

Canadian, Horváth, Swiss, Alpine, Csorba Lake, Bükk, Alföld, Hortobágy, USA National Park.

Flowers Oil Paintings:
Still-life, peonies, sunflowers, roses, poppies, dandelions, pumpkin.

Flowers Acrylic paintings:
Still-life, flowers in pot, flowers in vase, Trellis bunch Pictures.

Flowers Paintings:
Fragrant herbs and flowers.

Flowers Drawings:
Topping, still lifes, bouquets, flowers in a vase.

People Oil paintings:
Portraits and historical themed image.

People Acrylic paintings:
Portraits and historical themed image.

People Charcoals:
Portrait, athletes.

People Drawings:
Captive Ráby, Pater Pio, Confectioner Surányi, Mother Theresa and Self-portrait.

nude Woman Angel Charming couple.

Hand in hand, hand flowers, hand objects.

Animals Paintings:
Butterfly, Fogs, Horse, Duck, Fisherman, Polar bears, Penguins, Camel, Dolphins.

Animals Charcoals:
Piglets, Dog, Horse, Penguins, Storks, Elephant, Monkey, Zebras.

Animals Pastel drawings:
Rabbit, Cat, Dove, Bee, Tiger, Gepard, Lynx, Piglet, Koala, Lion, Squirrel, Monkey, Kingfisher, Dolphin, Fawn, Stag.

Illustrations New:
poem and book.

Illustrations to tales 3:
Hungarian folk-tales, that Magyarul tanulok to Newspaper the to tales.

Illustrations to tales 2:
Hungarian folk-tales, that Magyarul tanulok to Newspaper the to tales.

Illustrations to tales 1:
Hungarian folk-tales, that Magyarul tanulok to Newspaper the to tales.

Illustrations Reményik:
Sándor Reményik books on contemporary writers made about the blind.

Hungarian proverb Idioms folk wisdom sayings.

Zodiac signs:
Zodiac Horoscope.

Inviting Applications ( The Triptych of War, of Independence The Road of the Bread ).

Galleries of pictures by theme (the pictures are figurative, realistic, vivid colors and a variety of themed), and on the basis of technology (Oil paintings, acrylic paintings, pastel drawings, charcoal drawings and drawings) are available.
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Fine artworks of the painter's art gallery topics