The Paintings and Drawings of disabled Painter

Computer programmer who painter received a number of awards

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I was born on 10th January, 1959, Mélykút, Hungary. This was the place where I could experience the atmosphere of being in a loving family. This period of my childhood taught me deligence and stamina.

In 1968 we moved to the 'city of painters', Szentendre. This city is well-known of it's cultural diversity and tolerance which helped us to assimilate. I was just a 9 years old girl when I was diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy. After finishing high school I found a job in the city and studied computer science until I could.
I was 40 when I admitted into the Respiratory Rehabilitation Institute of the Szent Janos Hospital in Budapest. Subsequently to the progression of my illness I fell into coma on 19th August, 998. Since then I have been being respirated...

There are three stages in my life:
- The first 9 years spent in my hometown gave me the strengh,
- The 30 years in Szentendre, the city of arts gave me the inspiration,
- And the past years at the Institute gave me the opportunity to do what I always wanted, to fulfil my everyday life, to create.

My loving family helped me through all the sufferings of my life with their endless patience and always positive attitude, which is reflected in my colourful and diverse techniques (charcoal, pastel, oil and acryl) so that I am grateful for them that I did not lose my faith to keep on....

Fifteen years ago due to the progression of my medical condition I was not able to walk I could only use my hands. So that I had to give up my job and I started to paint self-educatedly. Since then creating is the activity that helps me to raise above the everyday challenges and makes me happy. This is the sense and goal of my life. Sometimes my life seems to be with no outlook so I consciously demonstrate the contrary. By this the joyful colors and calm serenity of my paintings reflect on me.

My destiny proved that my life is meaningful even with such a disease, moreover the disease might have been the reason why I started to draw and paint... My native village rewarded my willpower to live and my art with the "Freeman" title - exactly 8 years after my coma- on 19th August, 2006.
2007. I recieved of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence for "Budavar Annexation" Picture the "Niveau Prize" title
Member of the "Es megis elni..." foundation's.
Member of the "Nyitott Kapu" association's.
2008 - member of the Literary and Fine Arts Society of Szigethalom.
2009 - member of the "OKIT", National Society of Fine and Applied Arts.
2009. I recieved of the B-612 (Szeged) for Radnoti "Nem tudhatom..." 2 picture - 3. place.
2010. I recieved of the Art and a culture of the world association for "The road of the bread" 3 picture - 1. place.
2010."Rare beauties" collection the exhibition of an application - 1. place.
I have already had quite a few exhibitions with fellow artists and more than thirty of my own,
These events not only brought me success but I met plenty of new people and some of them became close friends. This is another factor that makes my life active, happy and balanced.
Doszkocs Zsuzsa

In the darkest days of my illness I also started to write poems:

The Paintings and Drawings of disabled Painter.
Amateur painter's biography: Computer programmer who is life disabled to the progression of illness been respirated in Baba Street gets. The fills her days with art, paintings, drawings. He became a painter received a number of awards.

attained it despite habit, Mélykút in city' Freeman title, Ministry of Niveau prize and member of OKIT.



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